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Interior Painting by Premier Painting and Design Inc.
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Your home is a valuable investment. Premier Painting and Design Inc. can add value to your home with fresh paint and updated style. We listen to your ideas and work with you to help create a home that best reflects you and your vision.

We provide the highest quality products in the industry and choose eco-friendly materials when available.Your project is done right the first time and the result is a beautiful and durable finish you will enjoy for years to come. Because your home is our work environment, you and your home deserve the highest level of respect and service. We are licensed, fully insured and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Premier Painting and Design Inc. is meticulous in our attention to detail. We take the time to properly prepare the surface, carefully protect the surrounding area, and use proven products, high quality tools, and time-honored techniques to ensure that your project will look good for years to come.

Covering and Protecting

Your possessions are important to you so protecting them is important to us. We ask the homeowner to remove any breakable items and lightweight furniture from the workspace. We will move heavy furniture to the center of the room and protect it with thick plastic sheeting. And finally, the floors will be protected with heavy canvas dropcloths. After outlet and switchplate covers are removed, we’re ready for the next step in the painting process.

Preparing the Surface

Small nail holes are filled with lightweight spackle. Larger holes, dents, and scrapes are filled with joint compound then sanded smooth. If necessary, holes are then re-textured to blend into the surrounding surface.

Cracked or loose corner beads are either replaced or re-attached depending on the severity of the damage. Cracked inside corners are repaired with joint tape and drywall compound or caulked. Cracks and gaps in painted wood work are filled with elastomeric caulking for a durable and flexible repair.

If priming is necessary, we will apply the highest quality, stain-blocking primer that is best suited for the surface to guarantee proper adhesion.

Applying the Topcoat

Applying the topcoat is the part of the process we enjoy the most. It’s also the most exciting part for the homeowner! Being able to see their rooms transformed before their eyes can give the homeowner a fresh, new perspective on how to re-create their space. Premier Painting and Design Inc. applies two coats of top quality interior paints with brushes and rollers to ensure maximum coverage, durability and beauty.

Windows, Doors and Trim

Windows, doors and trim are painted with careful attention to detail. Properly painted trimwork can be the finishing touch that takes your home to the next level. We apply two coats of top quality enamel paint with brushes, rollers or sprayers that will harden to a smooth and durable finish. Stained woodwork can be revitalized with fresh stain and a durable clear coat finish.

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